Edge intelligence
made accessible

With the rapid deployment of AI in all markets, standard off-the-shelf SoC cannot meet the wide range of performance, latency, and power requirements. As the domain expert, you can build specialized, custom SoCs that are tailored for edge application, giving you the competitive advantage.

The OpenFive
Edge AI Vision Platform

OpenFive’s Edge AI Vision platform enables you to build your own Edge AI SoC. Preconfigured subsystems allow you to focus on your key differentiators. Add your own custom accelerators, customize the subsystems, and mix and match different interfaces to meet your application’s unique requirements.

Key Features of the Edge AI Vision Platform

Benefits of using
OpenFive’s Edge AI Vision Platform

Rapid Time-to-Market

Leverage a proven SoC chassis, preconfigured subsystems, and Linux software stack to speed up time-to-market by 9 months.

Turnkey Solution

OpenFive handles the entire process from design to IP procurement to manufacturing and test. OpenFive delivers prototypes and production silicon from the world’s most advanced foundries and package companies.

Design Flexibility

Add, configure, and remove subsystem to exactly match your target application’s needs. You don’t need to waste silicon for features you never use.

Cost Savings

Integrate other components in the system into your custom edge AI vision SoC to reduce overall BOM cost and size of the solution.

Edge AI Vision Applications

Smart Cities

Industrial Robotics

Autonomous Vehicles

Warehouse Robots


Robotic Cleaners

Augmented Reality

Smart Agriculture

Wide Spectrum of Performance Requires Customized SoC

< 1 million pixels per second
< 100ms for Facial detection and recognition
1-2W, battery-powered

6+ Full HD cameras per vehicle
> 62 million pixels per sec for a single camera
< 30 ms for object recognition and actuation

OpenFive Turnkey SoC Solution from Idea-to-Silicon

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